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  • Houseplants

    [/B] Once again, I'm all new to this~ I'm interested in knowing of some plants that are easy starters until I can get familiar with things. My concerns are a Sunny location- hanging Baskets? I appreciate any thoughts on this subject

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    as I said in my other response, what's easy to grow as house plants usually
    makes a good weed in the tropics where I live.

    Easy to grow things: sensitive plant, wandering jew, a lot of the philodendrons,
    ti (botanical name is codryline terminalis), lucky bamboo (which is really a dracaena,
    most other dracaenas probably too).

    The first 3 should be good in hanging baskets.

    Maren (seeds for some of them available, but sales only, no trades)


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      Hi Amy,

      Matching the plant species with the available light is the most important consideration.

      If you are seeking a hanging plant for a sunny windoww, I suggest a Hoya (wax plant). It can stay in the same pot for almost forever. It can go several weeks or more without water. It will reward you with a pretty bouquet of tiny flowers.

      A spider plant is another good option, although you will have to attend to the water*ing more carefully as the spider plant does not like to dry out. It will also outgrow its pot pretty regularly.


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        Hi Amy,

        Some great advice here already, but another thought comes to mind. When you say easy starters for plants, the easy part depends alot on how you like to care for your plants. If you like to fuss with them, water often and repot them, then that would be one type of plant. On the other hand, if you would just like to admire them and not have to remember to water too often, then that is a different type of plant. The easy starter depends on what you feel you will be able to do.

        Let us know how you feel you'd like to care for your plants - hands on or hands off. :)