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Help me save my curly bamboo!!!

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  • Help me save my curly bamboo!!!

    My mom bought me a curly bamboo in a cute little ceramic pot. It said to keep moist, so I did that and used a little miracle grow and it did fine for about a year. A month ago, I noticed a yellowing of the bamboo stalk and a black speckled moldlike substance on the stalk. One of the stalks that had no leaves actually broke or rotted off. I don't know what I did wrong or how to save it. The leaves are still green but I don't think for long. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    you may have to change the water. Once mold estables itself
    if will continue growing. Try washing the plant with a solution of
    something like "Simple Green" or a mild dish soap (like Ivory or
    Palmolive), about 1 tsp (probably less) per cup of water.
    You probably have rocks or marbles in the ceramic pot, if so, wash
    those too, but wash the soap off reasonable well. If any of the
    roots are soft, cut those off. If only the top of the stalk is still green,
    cut everything else off, it will grow new roots as long as there
    is a "knot" that they can grow out of. New roots or new shoots will
    only grow out of the knots, not out of the part in between.
    I have a bit of a problem visualizing which part of the plant is
    still healthy or at least apparently healthy).

    One thing to keep in mind: lucky bamboo, which really is a dracaena,
    will only grow straight if left alone. To get it curly you have to change
    the orientation of the plant. I don't know whether the direction of
    growth is determined by light or by gravity, but I'd suspect that
    they usually grow towards the light.

    Hope this helps and aloha,