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  • Coffee Bean Plant

    Ive had this "Arabian Coffee Bean" plant for some time now, it keeps growing leaves on the top and getting taller, but is not getting any more lush or wider, it is by a sunny window where it is watered regularly...any suggestions?

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    you're not providing a whole lot of detail there :-)

    How long have you had it, and how tall is it?
    It should be getting side braches out of the leaf axils by the time it's maybe
    about a foot tall, sometiems shorter, it depends on how long the stem or
    later barnch sections between leaves are.

    Coffee is subtropical to tropical, it likes some shade, more water than most people
    think, but doesn't really like "wet feet". As long as the leaves are dark/darkish green it
    is fine, if the leaves start getting lighter in color fertilize it some, as long as it isn't
    getting big enough to bear coffee, mostly nitrogen.

    Hope this helps.


    some more coffee information: