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Dracaena Fragrans with yellow spots and brown tips...

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  • Dracaena Fragrans with yellow spots and brown tips...

    I have a Dracaena Fragrans that I got from my wife's classroom. It thrived there, was a lush green and about 5 ft tall. I moved it to a corner office with lots of windows facing south and east. I assume it is getting much more light than before, some direct in the mornings and evenings.

    Since then it has gradually gained yellow spots and patches that turn brown. The ends of leaves are turning brown, with some eventually dying back to the stem.

    I am looking for ideas of what can be wrong, and if I can do anything to help. Can I prune back and let it start over in it's new light environment? It is pretty ugly by now...


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    I thought I replied to this, but apparently not ...

    You can prune the dracaena, it will grow back, and you can also
    plant what you cut off. Dracaenas will lose their lower leaves after
    a while.
    The spots and patches may be a results of overwatering or underwatering,
    not likely a problem with more light as they take full sun here in the
    tropics (we have our dracaenas in the yard). What is your dracaena
    growing in, and do you fertilize it? (It could be too much just as well
    as too little fertilizer, more likely the former than the latter as ours
    are growing find without fertilizer).




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      Thanks for the reply Maren,

      The plant is in standard potting mix and I do not fertilize it. I chose not to plant waht I cut off, as it was quite yellow and ugly by now. Hopefully I get some side shoots and I can cut off the rest of the ugly stems and have it grow up green again. I think I was watering too much, according to many people's advice.

      Thanks again,