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    Great news! Spring has finally arrived and the raised beds are enjoying the warmth. My asparagus has burst forth as if by magic. Sure wish I could taste but this is only year two. Next year they won't be so lucky! My peas are up about 1/2 inch, chard, lettuce, carrots and mesclun about the same!
    A bit of bad [sad] news. Come to find out, I may have been unknowingly killing the winter birds! :{
    The local newspaper had an article in it that said a lot of birds were dying from salmonella poisoning! Because we feed so heavily and the feeders are permanent; there were too many seeds on the ground and it is possible that they warmed up enough to harbor the salmonella. Next winter I will do a better job at moving my feeders around.
    I bet you are enjoying the fruits of your garden labors already!
    We can't wait for that first bunch of chard and lettuce!
    Life is good,


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      Art, what wonderful news about your garden and the arrival of spring!! We have already harvested leaf lettuce several times for our salads. One day our temps went crazy and it went from 94*F during the day to 30*F at night. I covered the veggies with sheets to keep the cold off them.

      I did read about the salmonella here too. We also had an outbreak of house finch eye disease aka micoplasmal conjunctivitis. It effects more then just house finches.

      I've found that thoroughly cleaning the bird feeders every 3 to 4 months helps keep them clean. We empty them and throw away any seed that's left over, bring them indoors and scrub with hot water and soap. Sometimes I even use a bleach solution of one part bleach to 9 parts water to scrub if they have any mold. Then I wash and rinse again to get rid of any residue.

      We now use sunflower chips that don't have a seed case in our feeders. That way any seed that falls on the ground doesn't sprout and the ground feeder birds eat what spills. Unfortunately we haven't been able to find the sunflower chips (aka sunflower hearts) in the big box stores. Only the specialty bird stores seem to carry them.

      Thanks so much for the update.


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        Art, I have some sites with tools for the garden for those with physical considerations. Have you heard of this 'garden rocker'?

        They even sell a seat cover for those sensitive bottoms!

        This site has some user friendly gardening tools and 'stuff' and some tools that are ergonomic in design. Sadly, some of the sites I had are no longer around. It's a sign of the times.