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Burning bushes fall colour

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  • Burning bushes fall colour

    My burning bush doesn't seem to achieve the same vivid red as others. Is there something that one could be doing to ensure the most vibrant colour in the fall?

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    In Seattle... they are not real red at this time of the year. Maybe the colder weather will bring on the change. :o


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      My burning bush isn't near as bright as those in my neighborhood. It has very little red on it. I wonder if it isn't getting enough sunlight. I have it planted near some trees. I have been thinking about moving it.


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        Experience I've had makes me think that air circulation might have something to do with the color. I have a 60-foot row of burning bushes along one of my property lines. The mass of color in the Fall used to be spectacular. A couple of years ago, however, my neighbor built a privacy fence along the property line next to the bushes. Where the fence shelters the bushes, their color hasn't been the same. The only parts of the bushes that still show brilliant color are those that exceed the 6-foot height of the fence. Having noticed the change in color in my own bushes, I started noticing whether other bushes I see while out and about are sheltered or not. It seems to me that the most brightly-colored bushes are those that are more exposed to the cold air that triggers the leaf color and not sheltered by a fence, building or something else.


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          Burning bushs

          I have found that too much nitrogen in the ground can cause them to stay green too long in the fall.


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            *I would fertilize with a 0-22-22 or similar mixture, low nitrogren whatever you do. The bush needs lots of sun to thrive. Don't use catalog or magazine photos as a reliable guide to how your burning bush should look: PhotoShop has done wonders to lead us all astray! Doctored photos of ordinary plants are depressing and just frustrate gardeners.