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  • Photinia x fraseri

    Need help saving a 150 gal, now two year old photina which looks like it needs water but, when watered gets worse, drops leaves, etc.

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    Hi Bartie,

    You don't say where you live, but in most areas of the US, Photinia aka red tips are prone to fungal disease and are often short lived plants.

    A 150 gallon container sounds very large, but I would suggest you look to see if it's rootbound and needs a new pot.* Another possibility is it could be getting too much sun.* How long has it been in such a large pot?* How tall is the shrub?* Do you see any leaf spots?* Just not enough info to really be helpful.*



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      [align=left]Thank you for your response. We live in Northern California.[/align]
      [align=left]Our photinia was developedas a *tree and *has been in the ground over 24 months. Last year it looked good but didn't grow much. The location is adjacent to a patch of ground that gets lots of water if there is a heavy winter rainfall, as there was this winter.* This tree replaced an older photinia tree in the same position which died of root rot.* [/align]


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        Photinia #1 dies of root rot due to heavy winter rains.

        Photinia #2 is planted in the same place with heavy winter rains.

        Sounds to me like you've answered your own question.* You will need to plant something in that spot that likes winter wet and is resistant to root rot.* Plant your photinia where there is good drainage in winter if you must have one.

        You should find these helpful.

        Selected quotes from this first site about these plants:

        Fraser Photinia needs well-drained soil and a full
        sun location."

        Caterpillars, mites, scales, European fruit-tip moth
        can be found on photinia but are often of little

        Fire blight kills the plant rather quickly, leafspot
        diseases are very serious, and mildew. Root rot can
        kill plants, particularly those in wet soils. This is not
        a pest-free plant."

        Armillaria Root Rot of Trees and Shrubs:



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          [align=left]:dude:Thank you for your guidance. Removal and substitution seems to be the way to go at this time. Your response provided the insight needed to finally accept the obvious.[/align]


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            Wish I'd had better news and the nurseries that sell these plants gave better instructions.* Glad you realized this plant isnt for that location.