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golden pothos stem decaying

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  • golden pothos stem decaying

    hi iam vasavi,

    i had a golden pothos(devils ivy) was growing too long andthin
    so i have cut the stems and kept in asoil so that the plant will be bushy. but the stems i have planted 3 weeks ago didnt get any roots or leaves.
    more over the leaves at the bottom are turning yellow.
    so i took the stem out of the soil and checked it. the bottom of the stem is decaying. please do help me to get the roots for the stems and make them grow back to normal.

    thank you.

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    Pothos can develop roots when sitting in a glass of water in a sunny spot. They might not be as encouraged to do so in soil. If the stems haven't died yet, recut them below a bud and put the stem in water. Hopefully they will develop a root soon after. Pothos often have room between leaves- it's quite normal. I hope I interpreted this correctly and good luck!