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  • Fun new plant identification

    Hello All

    I just moved into a new apartment and came across this poor discarded plant/shrub.* I took it in, re-potted it, and gave it some food and water.* Its doing great!* Problem is I dont know what it is and would like to care for it properly instead of just winging it.* Ive had a terrible time trying to identify it using google.*

    Please help wise ones!


    Description:* simple round alternating leaves.* about 4 main thin woody stalks.* the leaves appear to turn purplish toward the end of the branch.* can provide more pictures if necessary.

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    Hi Utt,

    Congratulations on your new home!* I found your picture a bit difficult to see with the light from behind the tree, but it looks to be in pretty good shape.* I think your tree might be Clusia rosea aka autograph tree aka pitch apple.* Is this your tree?

    If not, look at Ficus diversifolia aka mistletoe fig.



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      thanks so much for the reply... i think thos leaves are a little thicker and waxier than what ive got... i think we are on the right track in the ficus family though... this picture should give you a good look at the leaves.* its really responded to the tlc ive given it... new stalk growing from the ground and the new leaves growing have little clear sap on them.

      i hope this picture helps , and thanks for your wisdom and insight.


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        I just realized that you posted this in the 'Shrubs' forum and not in the 'Houseplants' forum or 'Plant Identification' forum, so I'm wondering if you found this plant as a houseplant or could it possibly be an outdoor shrub?

        I still can't tell from the picture.* I'm not sure if another picture that has the light in front of the plant instead of behind it would be helpful for me at this point.* Do you have any pictures with no light behind the plant?



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          Here's another attempt at posting a picture... you will notice that some leaves are green while others are purplish (mostly toward the end of the branchs)

          I don't know if its technically a houseplant or a shrub... I found it in a room next to a trash shoot... just thought i could give it a good home.* It seems to be doing quite well... new leaves budding, and a new shoot sprouting.

          Thanks for all your time and help


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            Utt, you are very welcome.* I appreciate you posting a better pic of the leaves, but I still can't figure out what it is.* Somehow it looks familiar, but at this point I've probably spent 2 hours searching and I still can't id it for sure.* I'm guessing you are in the US and this is traditionally an outdoor shrub that someone brought indoors.* My other guess would be a member of the Cotinus family aka smoke tree aka smoke bush.* There's a purple variety that would grow in a similar fashion with regard to leaf color if it were not grown outdoors in full sun.* Take a look at these sites to see if any of these pics fit.* They are in different stages of purple.* There is also an all green variety.

            If that's not it or you aren't sure, try asking the folks at the UBC Botanical Gardens. There are several botanists that answer questions there.* They are located in British Columbia, Canada. The first link is their main forums page and the second is where you should post your pic and question.* Be sure to let them know where you live.

            I'd love to know what they say.