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  • Pruning Shrubs...

    We recently moved into a new home that has many beautiful shrubs around it. My "green thumb" is a VERY light green, but even I can tell that they need pruning.:lol: They are older shrubs, and have been here a while.

    My problem is...I think I may have missed my "pruning window." Please let me know if you think I would be fine to prune now, or if I should hold off until next year.

    The shrubs I have are: Acubas, Hollys, and Nandinas. I also have some that look like crepe-myrtles, but they aren't. They have just started to sprout green leaves and dark red/brown flowers. I am not sure what they are. I also have several Camellias (sp?) that are now dropping their flowers.

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


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    Hi Cindy,

    Where are you located? Acubas, Hollys, Nandinas are tough plants (but do not shear them!) and they can be pruned most times of the year in our NW climate... let us know and we'll help more!



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      Thanks for taking the time to help!

      I live in Northeast Georgia. I was going to say it gets pretty cold here in the Winter (days avg. 30 degrees, nights avg teens), but that is probably not so cold to you guys in the NW. :D The temp. now is about 70 during the day, 55 at night. So needless to say, our cold spell is over.

      I have taken care of flowers, and small plants, but this is my first time caring for shrubs. These are well established, big, and beautiful. The acubas are starting to weave into each other, instead of growing straight up.

      Thanks again for helping!