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Possible to straighten tree?

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  • Possible to straighten tree?


    I've got an evergreen tree that's about 9 years old, approximately 10 inches in diameter at the base. The tree was hit from other falling branches when it was four or five years old and started growing at an angle. I waited for it to straighten out and it didn't. Then several years ago I tied a rubber hose around it and tied the hose to a vertical 2 X 6 in the ground a few feet away. Still, this tree is very crooked. From where it comes out of the ground to where the upper trunk is, I'd guess it's about two feet off center. All the damage is at the base. The first three feet that come out of the ground are about at a 45 degree angle until it straightens up after that.

    Is there any way to correct this or am I left with a crooked tree? I'd even be willing to pay for fixing it as the tree has sentimental value to our family.


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    not straight tree...

    My guess is that you will mostly be left with an uneven trunk. If you have already tried to straighten it for more than one season and it didn't work than you may just have to live with it. When you staked it, did you put the tie around the part that you wanted to straighten or higher up? Sorry,


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      I staked it up higher. Well, the whole thing was crooked when I started. Right now the hose is up above the angled part and the upper four feet or so are straight. It's straight anyway as long as the hose is on. I haven't taken the hose off since I put it on.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer.



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        I would either remove the staking now or move it to the place that is bent. It's a slow process- like having braces- but the stake shouldn't be kept in place for over a year so the tree can start developing a root system to keep it in place itself.

        Good luck!


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          Hi Gary,
          You've gotten some great advice already. Take a look at this site and see if it helps.