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Help & advise with a broken Salix Integra 'Hakuro-Nishik

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  • Help & advise with a broken Salix Integra 'Hakuro-Nishik

    [align=left]Hi all, I hope someone can help me.* I am seriously amateur at gardening and know nothing at all really apart from extreme basics, but I want to learn.[/align]
    [align=left]I have a 2 year old, Salix Integra 'Hakuro-Nishiki' (The Dappled Willow), its not very big but I'm trying my best.* Unfortunately when I went into the garden this morning, I found it had broken.* I don't know if it was from the wind yesterday or how it has happened.* The branch is not completely broke, but it is split through the middle.* I have tied string around it to hold it back together and supported it with bamboo canes too.* Please can someone tell me if I can get this to survive or is it just going to die, also how would I take a cutting from it to start the growth of another one?[/align]
    [align=left]I really hope someone can help as I really do like the look of this tree.[/align]
    [align=left]Regards, AngelGirl[/align]

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    Hi Angel Girl,

    I'm wondering if your plant is being grown as a tree form or a shrub form.* These shrubs are often grafted onto a single trunk to look like a tree.* If yours is the tree form, and it's the trunk that has broken, there is only a slight chance that you can save it.* Is there any way you can post a picture of the break and the entire plant?

    If yours is the shrub form I would suggest you prune the broken to the ground or just behind the break with a clean cut.

    Willows are prone to many insect pests and diseases.* Once there is a break in the outer surface, that allows penetration of insects and disease.* Of course you can give it a try, but don't be discouraged if what you have done doesn't work.

    Willows are very easy to propagate.* You can either put the cut branch in moist soil or root in water.* Here's how to propagate landscape plants.

    Here's some info on these shrubs you might find interesting.