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    Several years ago, I transplanted a wild sassafras tree into my yard from a lightly forested area just a couple of blocks from the house. It was my second attempt; the first season I tried this, the tree did not survive. The tree in question was successfully transplanted and has been growing in my yard ever since. It is now probably 12-15 feet tall. It's never been one to leaf out early but this year, it's not leafed out yet. There is a small sprig of leaves down near the base of the trunk though. I am fearful that the primary tree has died but I can't imagine from what. It is in a flat area, it gets plenty of sunshine, it's been perfectly normal for the last few years, has shown no evidence of insects or fungus on the leaves or bark. I just don't get it. I live in northern Virginia, though I don't know why that would matter since the tree came from nearby. If the primary tree has died, and any readers can hazard as guess as to why, I would appreciate your thoughts. I'm going to try to keep the sprig going in the event the primary tree is gone and I don't want the same thing to happen again in a few years. I'm hoping that rest of the tree will suck up some sap and get with it now that the weather is warming up for good. I don't really know when the leaves are supposed to come out and apparently I haven't been paying close enough attention. I'd like to think that I'm just being concerned over nothing but it's almost June and wet May or not, that just doesn't seem right.

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    Hi Tracy,

    Your tree may have died from root rot. Here's some interesting info on these trees.