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  • Jacaranda Roots

    I have a Jacaranda about 12 feet high and want to extend my paved area closer to the tree. What is the root system of a Jacaranda like? Does it spread widely on the surface or does it go deeper? Can I put root guard around it? AT what distance from the trunk? Thanks. Maeve

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    Hello, Maeve. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    Your Jacaranda tree is so beautiful when it flowers. I donít know how
    close you want your paved area to the tree, but a Jacaranda will get
    25-40 feet high and 15-30 feet wide. 90% of its roots will be in the top
    three feet of soil. They will spread to 30 feet wide or greater. Paving
    too close to the tree or putting down a root guard will inhibit water
    absorption and possibly the stability of the tree in high winds. I hope this
    helps and keep me posted on what you decide to do. Take care.