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Need to plant Japanese Maple

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  • Need to plant Japanese Maple

    Was given a Japanese Maple for Christmas for our new house and now I need to plant it. Have read that it is easy to transplant. Will be completing yard in next two months and that is where it will probably end up. How do I get it into the ground to survive the still cold weather.. In East Texas, so our cold is sporatic. It is 25 this morning. Any suggestions. I am a very non-tree planting gardener. Mostly veges. Trees either survive or not. This one needs to survive since it is house warming gift from brother. Thanks for any suggestions. Pam

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    Tips : How to Grow Japanese Maple Trees | and it's ok to plant now. The tree is dormant and this is the best time to plant a tree.


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      Dear Pam,

      Howdy from "Coach Dave" from The Home Depot. Japanese Maples are great additions to any home and placement of the maple as well as knowing what kind you have is important. Most Japanese Maples are happy part sun/part shade. However, there are some types like Acer Pamatum, Emperor 1, Bloodgood, or Crimson Queen can do well in the full sun. Most of the wide leaf and green types are very hardy but there are exceptions to this rule.
      I only use acidic-fertilizers like bougainvilleas fertilizer or Azalea mix twice a year. This should be mixed in with the native soil. Remember not to overuse fertilizer because the stress will burn the plant and stunt leaf growth.
      The soil should have good drainage so make sure you add plenty of compost or sand to the native soil. I would also recommend you take care not to damage the roots when removing from the pot, this is very important. The feeder roots are almost hairlike and damaging these will shock the plant.
      Hope this helps you start your Japanese Maple gardening,
      Coach Dave