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bottom leaves of plants are dying (pics)help

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  • bottom leaves of plants are dying (pics)help

    Does anybody know what causes this to happen(see pics).I have them on the bottom of 8 of my 10 tomato plants.And is there a way to fix or are all my plants going to die.I also put a pic of the top of the plants were the leaves appear to be fine.Any help would be appreciated as this is my first year of gardening.Thanks in advance.





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    mine are to. I am thinking I will just clip all that off, I have never had that before.... It's making my eyebrows stick together,lol.


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      Yellowing Leaves on Tomato Plants

      It could be any number of things.
      First, as the plants mature, it's not uncommon for the bottom leaves to yellow due to lack of nutrients from the soil, that the weather is really hot, or even lack of light (the top leaves are shading out the bottom leaves). It's ok to pinch them off. And, don't worry about all the plants dying quite yet.
      Next, do a soil test. It could be a lack of nitrogen in the soil. You can take some soil from around the base of the tomato plant to your local extension service and they can help with the test. There are also soil test kits available for purchase, but the reviews I've seen on them don't inspire a lot of confidence.
      Your best bet is to test the soil and go from there.
      Good luck.

      P.S. Do you rotate where you plant tomatoes each year? If tomatoes are planted in the same place each year, the soil becomes very nutrient poor and diseases are more likely to be a problem. If you don't rotate, you should start next year. If you have the space a 3 year rotation cycle is optimal.
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