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Yellow Leaf and Wilting Issues

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  • Yellow Leaf and Wilting Issues

    I bought these tomato plants at a local nursery a few weeks ago and have been acclimating them to the outdoors here in Colorado before I plant them. They have been fertilized using liquid fertilizer and have received plenty of sun and adequate water. Somehow, however, I have two problems:

    1) The leaves are drooping in a few of them (first picture is of a Black Krim Heirloom)
    2) The leaf colors are strange. In the second picture (Cherry Tomato, Red Pear), you can see that some of the top leaves are strangely dark while towards the bottom the leaves are rather yellow. I know the yellowness may have something to do with too little sunlight or lack of nitrogen, but I'm pretty sure my plants are okay in that department!

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I have two thoughts after looking at the pictures.

    1) You may be overwatering your tomatoe plants, which can make the leaves yellow and/or droopy. If this is the case, reduce the water and fertilize again since overwatering flushes the nutrients out of the soil. (When tomotoes are underwatered generally they look droopy but still have a nice green color)

    2) I see that the new leaves are a nice color of green. As long as the new growth continues to look healthy I would just ignore the old leaves, the yellow old leaves may just be having a tough time with the change of environment.

    I hope this helps.


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      Yes, indeed this helps! Thanks a bunch! I have read that with a drip irrigator system in clay soils one should water either every other day or once a day for a short time. If I water every other day, sometimes the soil will crack on top which is why i've been hesitant to decrease the watering.


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        As an additional note: I have now actually transplanted them out of their pots into the clay soil.


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          On an update: it turned out that the wilted leaves were getting eaten up by leaf borers! I removed those leaves and the plants seem to be recovering...however now they've gotten early blight, boo.