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Heirloom or old potato varieties

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  • Heirloom or old potato varieties

    I am searching for heirloom or old potato varieties that have been grown for many, many years. Thank you so much!!
    spud greetings!!

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    Hi Spudtac,
    You can do a search at by searching with quotes in the singular like this: "heirloom potato"

    Take a look here for references for mail order catalogs.

    Happy eating!


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      I have checked all of the catalogs here in the United States and still have not found any varieties that I have not grown. I am looking for some person who has been growing a variety that is an heirloom and may not realize it. There are many varieties that have been grown by one family or in an area for many generations. At one time White Bugless and Snowflake was grown around here but have since been lost. I am looking for these varieties. I have heard of several that have been grown in the Ohio valley area and I would love to grow them. What I also do is to increase the varieties and then get others growing them. That way a variety will not go extinct. The catalogs that sell potatoes seem to stay with about the same. I have sent in orders to 2 companies for some new varieties (I mean varieties that I have not grown before). I would love to get ahold of varieties that are grown in U.K..
      Spud'tacular Potato Research


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        Wish I could help you more, but I don't know where else to look. Have you tried these folks?

        Good luck in your search.