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Please help me with my squash!

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  • Please help me with my squash!

    I planted what I thought were regular squash. If the picture attached right, you will see how small they are. They are done growing at about 1-2 inches wide and then turn dark yellow/orange and rot off of the plant. I thought maybe they were "button squash" but I cannot find anything with that name. I dont know where I came up with that LOL Someone please help me figure out what is wrong with my little squash. TIA
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    Squash Help

    A couple of possible culprits are not enough water or poor pollination.

    For the watering, check around the plant for soil moisture. Is the earth cracking on top? Even if it seems OK on top, dig down a few inches and check dampness there. It should be at least damp, but not soaking. If this appears to be the problem, water the plants regularly and deeply at the base so the roots get the water and it doesn't just sit on the leaves.

    Another possibility is pollination. With the decline in the honeybee population, this is an issue faced by more gardeners than ever before. You can however hand pollinate the squash by using a paint brush to gather pollen from the male flowers and transferring it to the female flowers. you might try doing a youtube search for a video on how to do this exactly.

    Lastly, you could check with your local extension to see if there are any regional issues that may be causing the problem.

    Good luck.


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      Normally it has to do with pollintation.