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New Rhubarb Plant, leaves are curling up during the afternoon

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  • New Rhubarb Plant, leaves are curling up during the afternoon

    I purchased a 1 yr. old Rhubarb Plant ,and planted in full sun area, first 3 days we had heavy rain, then 5th day we got into the 80's, and the leaves curled in the afternoon. This morning the Rhubarb looks fine, but it will be over 90 degrees today, wondering if I should move the plant to a less sunny location before it get established. We live in Colorado and the sun is intense during the summer, but the planting instructions said full sun??

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    hello there,

    Rhubarb needs and can take full sun once established. problem here may be that your plant is newly transplanted and as such is not acclimated to it's new home yet. rather than move it, I would give it some shade on hot days for while until it hardens off and gets established. something as simple as parking the wheelbarrow in front of it, or you could set up a more elablorate system with some stakes and shade cloth or scrap plywood or something. keep it moist and mulch it a bit and it will settle in. let it have it's leaves this year and don't harvest any for a year or two. take off any flower stalks that develop and fertilize it generously as rhubarb is a heavy feeder.
    happy gardening.


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      Thank you. It was fertilized when planted and won't do it again for a month, added compost, and mulch. Covered with the only thing I could find to fit the space, my unbrella. It should work nicely.