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Best Veggies For North Texas?

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  • Best Veggies For North Texas?

    Hi to forum.

    We're transplants to north Texas from the New Orleans area. We went from 9a/8b to 8a/7b in the Metroplex. From river sand and silt to black clay. Humid to noticeably less humid.

    What's worked well for us is Emerald Okra, more than we can eat and giveaway. It requires next to no care and can stay softer at longer lengths than other types. You don't have to rush out to get just the baby okra. Pretty blooms too. Dark purple in the center. And we're going on 4 years growing them from saved seed.

    Market More 76 cucumbers did well one year. Cukes every few days. They weren't all market pretty, but they tasted fine.

    We grew cantaloupe from seeds we got from a farmers market cantaloupe. They were small and kinda soft but very juicy and sweet.

    Stars and Moons watermelon made a few one year.

    What we're having trouble with is tomatoes and peppers. We get good looking tomato plants, one or two of 4 or 5, but very few if any tomatoes. Peppers just don't do at all. A handful of cayennes.

    Clumpy clay and poor drainage have certainly been a problem. I think we have that solved. Weeds have also been a big problem. Nut grass and Bermuda. I hope to have a good handle on that now too. The soil is much softer with a lot of lawn clippings, that have decomposed right in the dirt, and compost turned into it. I'm also going to use a plastic mesh weed barrier this year.

    What types of tomatoes and peppers do y'all think would do well here in 8a/7b? We tried a beefsteak and a Rutgers. No go.