Spring Hill Nurseries – Gardens

Garden, Ring-a-Round
the Tree
This garden is a delight in any shady location, with or without a tree.
Fills approximately 100 sq. ft. with color and elegance all summer long.
1 for $54.99

Garden, Lamppost
An elegant touch for any landscape is a lamppost surrounded by beautiful
1 for $32.99

Garden, Easy-Care
There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the color and beauty of gorgeous
perennials in areas where beds are shaded from the sun.
1 for $64.99

Rose, Very
Special Garden
Nothing can compare with a professional Rose Garden to provide your home
with the ultimate in floral beauty.
1 for $94.99

Garden, Entrance
One of the nicest ways to welcome those who visit you is to add a special
touch of elegance to your entrance.
1 for $69.99

Garden, Summer
Magic Complete
Specially selected to provide variety, charm and lavish color for any garden.
1 for $79.99

Garden, Butterfly
/ Hummingbird
Create your own wildlife habitat.
1 for $44.99

Rose, Dazzling
Includes one each of 6 beautiful roses.
Zone 3 to 10
1 for $59.99

Blue Collection
Make your garden a showcase with this pleasing blend of colors.
1 for $39.99

Garden, Pink
A garden you’ll enjoy all summer long
1 for $26.99