Heirloom Tomato Growing Information

Need a
hand with your plants?
We’ve put together 2 helpful guides to help show the way to great
tomatoes. If you’re just looking for a quick summary, download
our Mini-Guide – it’s quick, helpful and completely painless. For
more detailed help, try our Tomato Growing Guide – you can dowload it
below or view online it using the navigation on the lower right.
If you don’t want to read these, or you can’t find your answers
there, please e-mail us directly at DrTomato@Windowbox.com,
and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Mini-Guide (pdf)
Introducing Your Tomato to its New Home
Care and Feeding
Pests and Problems
Harvest Time
Growing Tomatoes Organically
How to Get Help


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