Stuffed Tomatoes, Italian Style – Heirloom Tomato


nice ripe tomatoes
2 ounces of bread crumbs moistened with vinegar
1 ounce cheese, grated
4 eggs and a small wisp of parsley

Cut the stem end off the tomatoes; remove the core and seeds, and
fill with the following mixture: Add the bread crumbs, cheese, and
two of the eggs boiled hard and finely chopped, a dessert spoon
of finely chopped herbs (basil or savory); pepper and salt to taste;
mix well with the other two eggs well beaten; fill the tomatoes
with the mixture; cover the top of each tomato with bread crumbs
mixed with finely chopped parsley; put a small piece of butter on
each, and put on a greased baking pan; cook in a slow oven for 20
or 30 minutes.



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