Big Giant Pumpkins – Learn to grow

Giant Pumpkins


you would like to know who grew the largest pumpkin

this year, or learn how to grow a giant pumpkin that

even your dad can’t pick up. This pumpkin patch will

provide you all the answers. Just look at the links

below for all the great information you

can find about pumpkins.

The key points on growing a large pumpkin:

  • Soil – make sure it tilled with good organic mater. Plan for 25 foot square area
  • Seed – Look for great genetic seeds
  • Pollination – Did mother nature pollinate your flower or did you?
  • Temperature – Did you plant your pumpkin to early?
  • Watering – Pumpkins grow due to Soil, Temperature and Water
  • Place soil over the vines
  • Limit the plant to two or three pumpkins
  • More to read…..

Now that you have some understanding on how to grow your big pumpkin, you will need to consider shading it to prevent cracking or blowing up from gowing to quickly. Yes, the pumpkin can blow up if it grows to quickly. Over watering can cause it to grow to quickly.

If you feel you have a mammoth pumpkin or you really want to know the pumpkin weight, there are two methods to determine the weight. One method is to measure it, and the other is to take it to a weigh off and meet other pumpkin growers.

If you need help understanding how to grow one of these

mammoths, I have listed several home pages and books to assist you. With all my secrets, you to can grow that 1000 pound

pumpkin this year.

Each year, my Uncle and I have a competition to see who can grow the

largest pumpkin. A couple years ago, I gave my Uncle

Bill some Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds, now he’s hooked!

Here are some of the pumpkin growing secrets, I have learned over the


Do you really want to know a world record pumpkin looks?I

hope your not bored yet, because you want to understand

how these large pumpkins got started and why there

are several organizations, then you better read this Outsider article.

Some people go out of their way to figure out WHAT TO DO

WITH A PUMPKIN? Sometimes you are left with a pumpkin which is so large that

one fellow decided to use it as a boat. Can a pumpkin support an outboard motor?

This is a 1420 pound pumpkin!

Pound Pumpkin

If you really want to see this PORKY PUMPKIN…well go ahead.







Do you want to know what the World record pumpkin is today? You should review all the pumpkin records around the world. We even have it per each USA State and in Canada too.

Additional Pumpkin Pages

To Grow











Big is it?

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