1999 Japanese pumpkin

A great pumpkin IKEDA, Japan – Takao Hoshijima, a farmer from Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture (R) shows off a mammoth pumpkin he grew that won the all-Japan pumpkin contest on Sept. 26. The pumpkin, the biggest among 62 giant pumpkins entered in the Japan No. 1 Giant Pumpkin Contest held in Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, weighs 390.6 kilograms (859-pound).   Ooops.. 1999 […]


Additional Pumpkin Pages How To Grow – Records – Clipart – Seeds – Poems – Phantom – Carving – Pumpkin Recipes – FAQ’s – How Big is it? COMPOST FEEDING YOUR PUMPKIN By: George Brooks Although this season isn’t even over yet you should start planning for next year to improve your chances of growing a big one. The following […]