World Class Giant Pumpkin Mailing List

Thank you for your interest in joining the pumpkin emailing list! If you are

familiar with mailing list servers then you know what this means. If you are

not, I have created one just for competitive and recreational pumpkin growers.

The concept is simple and fully automated by Majordomo at my Internet Service

Provider (see instructions below). You add your email address to the

“pumpkins” list to subscribe to the list. Subsequently, any emails

sent to will be fowarded to you and everyone else on the

mailing list! The result is an email party line for our discussions. In effect

we have a private discussion group. You will meet a lot of pumpkin growers.

After you get to know new players, you can email to them directly if you

would like. Imagine… I have had over 20,000 visitors to the homepage since

June 95. Even if only 1 in 100 was serious about this sport and joined the

list, we could have met 200 new people! You have gotta love the Net!

SUBSCRIBE: Automated Method using Majordomo:

Send email to with just one line in the BODY of the

message. Example below is for



RE: no subject

BODY: subscribe pumpkins


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This mailing list currently serves about 200 growers on 4 continents.

Last Updated: Sat Nov 09 10:30:00PM CST 1996

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