Peppers – Here is a complete listing of peppers to support your
gardening/eating needs.

Sweet Bell Hybrids: Green-Red

Peppers: Hot OP
Peppers: SweetBell Hybrids: Other Colors
Peppers: Sweet Bell: OP
Peppers: Misc. Sweet Types

A= Pasilla: Pod length is 6-12″ long and 1-2″ wide. Fruit color is dark green,
turning brown at maturity. Usually dried before use in moles and salsas.
B= Cayenne: Mature red fruit are 5-10″ long and wrinkled.
Irregular in shape, highly pungent, often used as dried, ground powder. Also
used fresh in salads, sauces and dishes.
C= Long Green: (Hatch – New Mexican – Anaheim) chili. Fruit are from 4 – 12″ long
& 2″ wide, green to red at maturity, but also may be yellow, orange to
brown. Many different varieties abound. Range from sweet to hot. Used green as
fresh, canned or frozen. Mature are usually dried and ground into chili powder
or paprika if sweet. Also used in salsas.
D= Wax: Yellow when
immature, orange-red at maturity. Can be pungent or non-pungent. Vary from 2-8″
long and about 2″ wide. Used pickled or fresh in salads and relishes.
E=Jalapeno: Fruit are thick walled, conical shaped, dark
green when immature turning red at maturity and most cultivars are highly
pungent. Fruit may show cracking or corkiness, which is a desirable trait in
Mexico. Length varies widely. Used canned, pickled, salsas or fresh. When dried
by smoking they are called chipotle.
F= Ancho: (Poblano) The
fruit are heart shaped, pointed, thin walled with an indented stem attachment.
Immature fruit are dark green with mature fruit being either red or brown.
Fruit are 3-4″ long and about 2″ wide and are mildly pungent. The pepper of
choice to make chili rellenos.
G= Cherry. Like the name
suggests, round or slightly flattened, green to red, hot or sweet. Similar use
to wax pepper.
H= Chinense: (Habanero. Scotch Bonnet
Bahamian- Jamaican) In this species, diversity is enormous. Popular in Jamaica,
Yucatan and Brazil. Very, very hot and persistent, but aromatic. Fruit are
1-2.5″ long and 1-2″ wide. Green to variable mature colors of yellow, orange,
red or white. Used dried as a spice, fresh or processed. Plant starts slower
than most other pepper types.
I=Serrano: Fruit are 112″ wide
and 2-3″ long. Medium walls and shaped similar to Jalepeno and is the pepper of
choice in Salsa Verde and other southwestern relishes.
J= Red Chili: 1/2″ wide by 2.5″ long fruit are green when immature to red at
maturity. Fruit have thin walls, taper to a point. and are used for drying,
processing and sauce. Hot!
K=Thai Hot: Green fruit to red at
maturity, very hot, tiny 3/8″ wide by 1″ long fruit. Popular in oriental


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