Joining Life’s Mainstream, How to build a Pond

If you already have a pond, or are thinking of building one,
you should also consider adding a stream – it creates so much
interest. Pumping water around the system also ensures good
aeration, which keeps the water clean and encourages pond-life.
The Challenge
Our client dreamt of having a pond filled by a stream. In
fact they had already started work on the job themselves.
After hours of back breaking work they decided help was required
and gave us a call.They had already partly dug the hole for the pond and there
was also a pile of stone for the rockery. Our job was to carry
on where they’d left off, using the existing materials.

Designing the Garden
The garden already had a slope to it, so we decided to make
good use of this by designing a stream that would wind its way
down to a pool.

The property was surrounded by fields, and the rocks that were
on site had weathered nicely. This gave us the opportunity to
create a feature that looked very natural.

A formal pool would have looked really out of place. As part
of the planning we picked through the rocks, making sure that
their strata lines faced in the same direction. This is how
rock appears in natural formations, so it adds realism. Any
rocks that had already been worn naturally by water were earmarked
for placing in the stream.

When making a stream you want it to look realistic, but you
need to construct it in such a way that you don’t have too much
water movement. If you don’t, one of two things may occur. Either
the water level of the pond drops dramatically when the pump
is switched on (because so much water is being moved through
the system). Or the pond overflows when the pump is switched

To create a realistic flow without these problems you should
place miniature pools throughout the streams course. These will
slow the water-flow, without reducing it to a trickle.

Also make sure that the rocks hide all of the liner. Even a
square inch showing will instantly catch the eye and spoil the

Tips from the Design Team

  • Placing rocks near the edges of a pond provide an exit
    route for any small animals that accidentally fall in.
  • Complex filtration systems do not really have a place
    in natural water features. Also they are very expensive.
    If you get a problem with algae, try putting in a bundle
    of barley straw. This will often do the trick.



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