Apple Scab

Apple Scab


The main disease of apples everywhere. Symptoms are

scabby fruit, premature fruit drop and leaf infection,

followed by early defoliation. The following year, you’ll

find reduced fruit bud development and general weakening

of the tree. The fungus which causes apple scab overwinters

in leaf litter. Spring winds blow spores into the tree

canopy, resulting in lesions on leaves. Warm rainy weather

favors scab development. New infections are produced

through the summer as rains wash the fungus onto other

leaves and fruit.

Solution: Collect and remove fallen leaves. Use Sulfur Guard™ before blossom time to prevent initial springtime infection. (Repeat weekly in rainy, warm weather.) Reapply after blossoms fall and again 12 days later. Sulfur can be used up to day of harvest to retard the spread of scab. Other recommended products to control Apple Scab are Serenade Solutions, Green Guard, and Compost Tea.


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