Biofungicide for the Home and Garden

Serenade SolutionsTM

Biofungicide for the Home and Garden
Activates plants’ own defense systems against tough disease

What a difference Serenade

Solutions makes! The perfectly healthy grapes left received

Serenade Solutions. The small blemished bunch at right

did not.

Only from gardens alive!

Only from gardens alive! Imagine haresting blemish-free

grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers without a trace of devastating

fungal diseases – and without the use of toxic sprays

to prevent or control them. With Serenade Solutions

Biofungicide, healthy, chemical-free fruit and vegetables

are well within your reach!

This amazing product:

  • Fights challenging

    plants diseases from both the outside and inside of

    plants. Serenade Solutions Biofungicide attacks

    the spores of fungal disease so they never have a

    chance to grow and spread. In addition, Serenade Solutions

    actually induces the plant’s own defense system to

    prevent these tough diseases.

  • Works when other

    products don’t. Serenade Solutions is highly effective

    against pathogens that are resistant to other fungicides.

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  • Easy on beneficial

    insects, including lady beetles, lacewings and honeybees.

    Serenade Solutions also poses little to no risk

    to birds, fish and other wildlife.

  • Can be applied up

    to and including the day of harvest. You can spray

    Serenade Solutions on plant foliage in the morning

    and harvest fruit from the plant the same afternoon.

A Unique Product

Serenade Solutions Biofungicide harnesses the disease-fighting

powers of the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, which

occurs naturally in soils worldwide. In nature, B.

subtilis uses several different methods to keep

its competitors (fungal plant pathogens) from becoming

established on a given plant. At the same time, it also

stimulates the plant’s natural resistance against a

wide range of fungal diseases.

Fights Disease on Multiple


Serenade Solutions utilizes

the bacterium’s multiple modes of action to prevent

and control fungal disease in your garden and orchard.

On the plant’s surface, Serenade Solutions fights pathogens:

1)before infection,

2)at the time of infection, and

3)during an established pathogen’s active growth.

Serenade’s fourth line

of defense is inside the plant–when applied to the

leaves of susceptible fruits and vegetables, Serenade

Solutions actually makes the entire plant more resistant

to certain fungal diseases. Think of it as a sort of

vaccination for your plants!

Use as a Preventive

Foliar Spray

Serenade Solutions Biofungicide is a wettable powder.

Apply as a preventive foliar spray, at a rate of 1/4

to 3/4 cups per gallon of water depending on the crop.

For most crops, begin applying when conditions favor

development of fungal disease; repeat at 7-day intervals,

as needed. Use any type of sprayer–handheld or backpack.

(Sorry, Serenade cannot be used on some vegetables in


Broad-Spectrum Disease


Serenade Solutions Biofungicide for the Home and Garden

prevents or controls a wide range of stubborn fruit

and vegetable diseases, such as:

  • Powdery Mildew
  • Gray Mold
  • Early blight
  • Bacterial leaf blight

  • Botrytis neck rot
  • Walnut blight

In addition, Serenade Solutions suppresses other diseases,


  • Downy mildew
  • Scab
  • Fire blight
  • Bacterial spot
  • Pin rot


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