Cucumber Beetle

Cucumber Beetle



Description: The spotted cucumber beetle is notorious for

spreading cucumber bacterial wilt. Body is 1/4″ long,

yellowish-green with 12 distinct black spots on its

wings. Larvae grow to 1/2″ long. The striped cucumber

beetle is 1/5″ long with yellow-and-black striped wings.

Preferred foods: cucumbers, beans, melons, squash, pumpkins,

corn and eggplant. Beetles lay their eggs in the ground

near the base of the plant on which they feed. The larvae,

also called corn rootworms, tunnel through vegetable

roots, feeding for 2 to 4 weeks. Injured plants turn

yellow and break off. Adult beetles end hibernation

in the spring and suddenly appear in large numbers on

vine and bean crops. Leaves are riddled and turn yellow.

Solution: For adult

beetles use Rotenone/Copper Combo or PyolaTM Insecticidal

Spray. For larvae, apply Grub-Away Nematodes. Super-Light Insect Barriers shield

plants up to blossom time, when covers must be removed

for pollination.


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