Cupboard Moth TrapT

Cupboard Moth TrapT
Our easy-to-use traps stop

Indian meal moths from ruining food in your pantry.

Our Cupboard Moth Traps

draw pantry moths with a patented striped pattern plus

powerful pheromones, then trap them on the sticky surface.

Signature Product.

Has this ever happened to you? You open a box of cereal

and find the contents clinging to the sides of the box

in a mass of fine webs…or perhaps you’ve seen small

brownish moths flitting around a cupboard…or tiny

cocoons and larvae in your dry pasta.

Chances are, Indian meal moths (a.k.a. “pantry moths”

or “flour moths”) are at work in your pantry. These

moths and their larvae attack flour, cereal, grains,

seeds, chocolate, cake mixes, rice, nuts, dried fruit,

dog food, bird seed – even tea, herbs and spices. Small

larvae hatch in stored food; the little brown moths

infest cupboards and circulate around your house.

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wherever food products are stored

Unlike other

traps, these use both visual and pheromone technology

to lure, capture and reduce infestations of Indian meal

moths. The traps attract the moths with powerful pheromones

as well as a patented black and white printed pattern,

and catch moths on the large sticky surface. In extensive

tests we found that these innovative traps caught more

Indian meal moths than similar traps. Place the cardboard

traps in cabinets and pantries with food; they’re non-toxic

and free of pesticides. The traps also catch Mediterranean

flour moths, almond moths and tobacco moths. Lures last

for 6 weeks, after which you can replace the lure or

hang a fresh trap. Trap measures 8-1/2 inches x 5-1/8



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