How to Choose a Pond Site


Description: Gray or brown caterpillar curls up when disturbed;

rarely seen during the day; 1-2″ long, fat body. Black

and variegated cutworms are the most destructive and

widespread. They eat all garden vegetables, especially

tender young seedlings and transplants. While some cutworms

eat leaves, the telltale sign of their presence is a

plant which has been “sawed off” near the soil surface.

Usually the top part of the plant is left untouched,

lying by the chewed-off stem.

Solution: Grub-Away Nematodes are very effective,

since cutworms emerge from the soil and usually return

there during daylight hours. Apply when transplants

are set out: about 50,000 per plant. Trichogramma kill the eggs. Bt ssp. kurstaki kills cutworms,

but often damage is done before Bt can be applied. Spraying

transplants with Neem-AwayTM Insect

Spray will also reduce damage.


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