Downy Mildew (Onions)

Downy Mildew


Description: Spots on the leaves become covered with a lavender

or purplish mold. Requires cool temperatures and rain

or high humidity. Under these conditions, onion leaves

bend, resulting in lower yields and bulb quality.

Solution: Grow onions

in well-drained soil to keep roots from getting soggy.

To prevent the spread of disease, wash tools and shoes

after you work in the vegetable patch. Remove weeds

and garden debris, which harbor insects that transmit

diseases. Check plants every few days for signs of damage,

and destroy infected plants. Spray regularly with Soap-Shield® Fungicidal Soap

to reduce infection. (Because of the continual emergence

of new leaves from the neck, timely and thorough spraying

will be required to keep new growth covered).


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