Grub-Away parasitic nematodes

Grub-AwayT Nematodes
Quickly controls a wide range of destructive garden and lawn



is easy to use on lawns and gardens. Just mix with water

and fill your usual garden sprayer.

Only from gardens alive!

Grub-Away parasitic nematodes are the effective,

non-chemical answer to a wide range of lawn and garden

problems! We think they’re one of the best all-purpose,

natural pest controls available.

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  • Attack

    nearly every type of soil-dwelling garden pest. Use

    them to control cutworms, borers (including squash

    vine, peach tree and iris borers), corn earworms,

    cabbage root maggots, weevils (including strawberry,

    carrot and black vine weevils), wireworms, armyworms

    and even flea larvae.

  • Eliminate

    both types of common lawn grubs. Grub-Away controls

    grubs of both Japanese beetles and masked chafer beetles.

    Milky Spore disease, the standard control for lawn

    grubs, works against Japanese Beetle grubs but not

    masked chafer grubs, which cause more than 50% of

    all lawn-grub damage.

  • More

    effective than other commercially-available nematodes.

    While other beneficial nematodes wait passively for

    their prey, ours move up to 10 times farther and much

    deeper into the soil. Grub-Away Nematodes also have

    a special “tooth” that burrows into their prey, allowing

    faster control of pests. Grub-Away also works within

    days of application. With Milky Spore disease, you

    might not see results for a year or more!


Nematodes are easy to use. Just mix with water and spray

along garden rows, around larger plants (such as tomatoes)

or on damaged lawn areas. To control squash vine borers,

use our Garden Syringe to inject Grub-Away into squash

stems. For corn earworms, inject Grub-Away into corn

ears. Package of 10 million treats about 200-300 sq.

ft. of garden, or 600 sq. ft. in lawns.


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