Killing control Aphids

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Tiny bugs are light or dark green, or black; with or

without wings. The largest is 1/6″ long, the smallest

is barely visible. They cluster on stems and under leaves.

Aphids may cause more crop damage than any other insect,

and there are few plants they don’t like. Infested leaves

curl and turn yellow; plant is weakened in general.

Greatest damage occurs after a cold spring; aphids increase

faster than their natural enemies in a chilly season.

Solution: Oil-AwayTM

Insecticidal Spray is one of the best controls. Use

it on vegetables, roses and flowers all summer. Eco-OilTM

Insecticidal Spray is also effective. For quick knockdown

use PyolaTM

Insecticidal Spray. Aphids are among the pests most

easily controlled by biological methods; Green Lacewings are excellent predators,

and Lady Beetles help reduce heavy populations.

Yellow Sticky Traps help control

the small number of flying aphids that may appear indoors

or on individual plants outdoors. For orchards and ornamental

trees and shrubs,Surround At Home suppresses aphids with

minimal disruption of the natural cycles. Our old stand-bys

are Oil-AwayTM


Spray or Eco-OilTM

Insecticidal Spray at budbreak. If aphids are severe

at petal fall, follow up with PyolaTM

Insecticidal Spray.Neem-Away TM

Insect Spray also repels aphids.


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