Natural Garden Articles


ACORN — Purdue University’s Guide To Pesticide Alternatives
Alive! High-Energy Organic Fertilizers
Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides
Asian Lady Bugs
Attract More Insect Eating Birds to Your Garden
Banish Slugs And Snails Quickly and Easily
Basic Guidelines for Roses
Buddleia–Butterfly Magnets
Caring For Your Bulbs
Caring for Your Plantings While Conserving Water
Composting Basics
Customer Testimonials!
Diazinon Ban Quick Reference
Don’t Panic, Go Organic
Early Season Tips for Shrubs, Trees and Orchards
Earth Friendly Household Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Diazinon/Dursban
Establishing and Maintaining Wildflowers
Fall Tips For Planting Trees and Shrubs
First Steps For Your Vegetable Garden
Flow Testimonial
Frequently Asked Insect Questions
Fungus Gnats and Houseplants
Herbicidal Soap Gets Rid of Weeds Fast
Here’s What Cover Crops Can Do For Your Garden
In each Perfect Balance fertilizer – everything you need!
Indian Meal Moths
Is It Time to Turn?
Keep Your Fall Crops Producing right into Winter!
Laurie’s Composting Ideas
Laurie’s February Tips
Make Your Own Suet Cakes
Men’s Bionic Gardening Gloves
Natural Gardeners Feel Vindicated As EPA Bans More Pesticides
Natural Mineral-Based Product Protects Fruits And Vegetables From Insect Pests
Neem-Away Insect Spray Saves Roses, Vegetables, From Japanese Beetles And Other Pests
New Organic Control Fights Soil Borne Diseases
New Organic Spray Uses Vegetable Derivatives To Kill Insect Pests
No-till and Biological Control
Organic Lawn Care Q&A Part One
Organic Spray Uses Vegetable Derivatives To Kill Insect Pests
Pheromone Lure Traps: The “no-spray” way to mass-trap destructive insects
Projects For Early Spring
Q&A: Natural Pest and Disease Control
Quick Tips about Thatch
Quick Tips on Pest Control Without Poisons
Say NO to harsh chemicals! Bird Friendly Lawn and Garden Products
Shipping Chart
Spring Lawn Care
Squirrels: Bushy Tailed Bandits or Buddies?
The Gardens Alive! Story
The Perfect-Fruit Pest Management System
This Weeks Testimonial
This Weeks Testimonials
Three Ways To Naturally Control Insect Pests
Transplanting tips from The Horticulture Guy!
Turf Alive! Grass Seed Mixtures
Use Beneficial Nematodes To Control Lawn Grubs
Want To Grow Bigger Tastier Tomatoes?
Why Lawns Alive! is the best thing for your lawn!
Winter Food For Bluebirds
Winter Housing for Backyard Birds
Women’s Bionic Gardening Gloves
WOW! Plus Testimonials
Zone Map


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