Bacterial Spot (Peaches)

Bacterial Spot (Peaches) Description: This is one of the most destructive diseases in all areas east of the Rockies.   Symptoms: Symptoms are first visible about 3 to 5 weeks after petal fall as small, water-soaked, browning lesions. Early symptoms on fruit can be mistaken for insect damage. During periods of high humidity, gum may exude from these lesions. Solution: Choose resistant […]

Natural Garden Articles

  ACORN — Purdue University’s Guide To Pesticide Alternatives Alive! High-Energy Organic Fertilizers ALL-NATURAL LAWN FERTILIZERS Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides Asian Lady Bugs Attract More Insect Eating Birds to Your Garden Banish Slugs And Snails Quickly and Easily Basic Guidelines for Roses Buddleia–Butterfly Magnets Caring For Your Bulbs Caring for Your Plantings While Conserving Water Composting Basics Customer Testimonials! Diazinon […]

Alternaria Leaf Blight (Cucurbits)

Alternaria Leaf Blight (Cucurbits) Description: Appears in midseason on the oldest leaves and spreads to younger leaves. Enlarging, circular brown spots with rings form on the upper leaf surface and are later covered by black, moldy growth. Defoliation may result in sunscalding of fruit. The fungus is seed-borne and overwinters in crop refuse and weeds. Solution: If possible, don’t plant where […]

Carrot Weevil

Carrot Weevil Description: Legless larva or grub is white with a brown head. Infested carrots have tunnels and soft tissue in upper part of roots. Solution: Super-Light Insect Barrier provides an excellent shield if edges are kept buried under soil through spring and summer. (Adult beetles crawl over ground to lay eggs at carrot’s base.) Apply Grub-Away Nematodes while plants are still […]

Soil-borne fungus diseases

SoilGardT Microbial FungicideProvides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of soil-borne fungus diseases. SoilGard enlists nature’s beneficial fungi to protect plants from soil-borne fungi! Mix it with soil before transplanting tomatoes and other crops. Only from gardens alive! At our Indiana research farm, root rots are among the most frustrating challenges we face. When adverse conditions prevail (such as prolonged cool, rainy weather), […]

Tomatoe all-natural fertilizer

Tomatoes Alive!® PlusProduces 25% higher yields than the original Tomatoes Alive! And oh! What great flavor! For nearly two decades, gardeners across the country have raved about Tomatoes Alive! Our all-natural fertilizer is a backyard celebrity, famous for producing vigorous plants, big crops and luscious flavor. And now we’ve made a great plant food even better. Tomatoes Alive! Plus, with […]

Organic Insect control

Pyola® Insecticidal Spray Canola oil with pyrethrins — an insecticide from plants for plants Destroys all stages of an insect’s life cycle — from eggs to adults! Has a residual repellent effect on mites and other insects Uses only vegetable derivatives, not strong-smelling petroleum distillates Does not persist for long periods in the environment Contains no piperonyl butoxide Signature Product. […]

All-Natural Fertilizer Vegetables

Alive!® All-Natural FertilizerVegetables Alive!®Dramatically increases yields of lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, melons and more! For superior crops and blooms this summer, mix all-natural Alive! fertilizers into soil after seeds have germinated, or when setting out transplants, then side-dress several weeks later. It’s a fact: Garden plants grow better in good, rich, organic soil than in soil laced with […]

Roses 100% All-Natural Fertilizer

Roses Alive!T 100% All-Natural FertilizerAll-natural, high-potency rose food produces gorgeous blooms on vigorous, healthy plants Slow-release nutrients in Roses Alive! are the secret to larger blooms, more vigorous plants and stronger root systems that are better able to withstand drought. Only from gardens alive! Unlike other fertilizers, Roses Alive! works in perfect harmony with nature. Here’s how: as temperatures warm […]

Biofungicide for the Home and Garden

Serenade SolutionsTM Biofungicide for the Home and GardenActivates plants’ own defense systems against tough disease What a difference Serenade Solutions makes! The perfectly healthy grapes left received Serenade Solutions. The small blemished bunch at right did not. Only from gardens alive! Only from gardens alive! Imagine haresting blemish-free grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers without a trace of devastating fungal diseases – […]