Pear Scab – How to control

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Pear Scab

Description: Scab first appears on the bottom and later

on the side of the fruit. Infected fruit often become

misshapen. Scab spores develop during the winter, in

infected leaves on the ground. Infection begins at the

green-tip stage of flower bud development. Infection

is highest when blossoms are open, but continues for

about 6-9 weeks.

Solution: Spray

Soap-Shield® Fungicidal Soap

when disease first appears, and repeat at 7-10 day intervals

for as long as needed. For optimum control, begin spraying

at the green-tip stage of bud development. Repeat at

7-10 day intervals for as long as needed. To reduce

disease, remove leaf debris and infected fruit in the

fall. Most infected pears can still be eaten if the

scabby area is removed.


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