Pythium Rot (Damping-Off, Stem Rot) on Tomatoes

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Rot (Damping-Off, Stem Rot) on Tomatoes

Description: Damping-off occurs at or before germination,

causing rapid decline and death of seeds or young seedlings.

On older plants, disease causes severe wilting and black

stem, beginning at ground level, resulting in severe

stunting or death of plants.

Solution: Maintain

soil pH at 6.5 to 7.0. Test soil pH; if it is too acid,

use ground limestone to raise pH. Most garden centers

and farm stores sell ground limestone. When fertilizing,

use a slow-release organic source of nitrogen. Avoid

planting in poorly drained areas. Sprinkle SoilGardTM Microbial

Fungicide over seed at time of sowing, BEFORE

covering seed with soil. When starting seed indoors,

mix SoilGard with potting soil before seed is sown.


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