Seed Starting Mix

Natural BeginningsTM

Seed-Starting Mix Helps seeds germinate faster; promotes stronger, healthier seedlings Plants on the right  were grown in Natural Beginnings; those on the left were grown in a popular commercial seed-starting mix.

Through extensive research and testing, Gardens Alive! has developed a coir-based seed-starting medium that outperforms popular peat-based mixes. Our tests show that seeds started in this medium sprout much faster and at a much higher germination rate than seeds started in the leading commercial mixtures. What’s more, seedlings grow stronger and healthier when started in Natural Beginnings.

What’s Coir, and Why is it Better?

Coir is the short fiber that remains after the meat, shell, and long fibers have been extracted from coconuts. Coir promotes excellent root development (up to 50% more root growth for many plants, according to our tests). And because coir is porous, it allows air to circulate, reducing the incidence of root diseases.

Compared to peat moss, coir retains more moisture and nutrients, is much easier to wet initially and is easier to re-wet if it dries out. Coir lasts up to four times as long as peat and can be reused several times for successive sowings. In addition to coir, Natural Beginnings also contains worm castings and mealworm guano as a source,of natural nutrients; the castings also enhance aeration and water retention.

Jump-start Your Seedlings Use this outstanding soil-less growing medium for all indoor seed-starting and when repotting large, fast-growing plants like tomatoes.

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