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Soap-Shield® Fungicidal Soap
An important breakthrough in natural disease control!

With Soap-Shield, you’ll

pick fresh tomatoes much later in the season than ever

before! Use Soap-Shield against septoria leaf spot,

blights and other tough fungal diseases.

Signature Product. We’re

excited to offer this patented garden fungicide to our

customers. Soap-Shield is more effective than its competition

and environmentally superior. Here’s why:


Now …..More…

  • Less

    copper! Soap-Shield is more effective against

    fungal diseases than other copper products, even while

    using less copper in its formula.

  • Easier

    to use! Other copper fungicides work only on wet

    leaf surfaces, but Soap-Shield works on both wet or

    dry surfaces. It won’t clog your sprayer, either.

  • Decomposes!

    Soap-Shield eventually decomposes to form soluble

    copper and fatty acid, both necessary to the growth

    of plants and soil microorganisms.

  • Controls

    powdery mildew! Soap-Shield does an excellent

    job of controlling powdery mildew, a widespread problem

    on vegetables and ornamentals. (Other fungicides can’t

    control it without adding sulfur.)

  • More

    rain resistant! Soap-Shield is a “fixed copper”

    fungicide, so it resists rain better than standard

    copper sulfate fungicides.

  • Leaves

    no ugly residue! Unlike other fixed copper fungicides,

    which leave a heavy blue coating on leaf surfaces,

    Soap-Shield leaves virtually no residue.


Against Dozens of Destructive Fungal Diseases

With Soap-Shield,

you now can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers that

you may have given up on because of their susceptibility

to disease! Soap-Shield combines copper with a naturally-occurring

fatty acid. Together they form a “true soap” with disease-fighting

power never before seen in an all-natural fungicide.


Copper, Less Disease

In our own

field and lab tests, Soap-Shield was effective at much

lower concentrations of copper than other copper-based

products. As Soap-Shield biodegrades, its components

are taken up and used by growing plants and soil microorganisms.

We used

to think tomato plants just died naturally after ripening

their fruits. But now we know that if septoria leaf

spot is controlled, the tomato plants keep producing

many more, large, juicy tomatoes, greatly extending

the season. We’ll use Soap-Shield to stop septoria leaf

spot (as well as anthracnose) because it is environmentally

superior to the standard copper fungicides on the market.

Soap-Shield even controls botrytis neck rot disease

on onions, so our onions last longer in storage, too.


controls so many plant diseases that we think of it

as an “all-in-one” fungicide. Even if you’re not sure

which disease is attacking your plants, Soap-Shield

is worth a try.


and Easy to Use

Just mix

Soap-Shield with water and spray on foliage. For best

results, start applying early in the season on plants

that are susceptible to disease in your area. Continue

spraying to harvest time!


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