Soil-borne fungus diseases

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SoilGardT Microbial Fungicide
Provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of soil-borne

fungus diseases.

SoilGard enlists nature’s

beneficial fungi to protect plants from soil-borne fungi!

Mix it with soil before transplanting tomatoes and other


Only from gardens alive!

At our Indiana research farm, root rots are among

the most frustrating challenges we face. When adverse

conditions prevail (such as prolonged cool, rainy weather),

our spring crops of peas is severely reduced, or worse.

In recent years, green beans, onions, garlic and melons

have also suffered from root rot more often than not.

But now, with sensational results, we use Soil-Gard

in our indoor seed-starting mixes and in the garden

soil where crops are direct-seeded.

Yes, we finally have an effective natural control for

damping-off and root rots!

An Ounce of Prevention

A naturally-occurring biological control, Soil-Gard

prevents many fungus diseases that can destroy seedlings

and growing plants. You can use SoilGard with any plants

susceptible to damping off and root rot. These include

vegetable crops like tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuce,

cabbage, cucumbers, melons, onions and garlic. Use it

also on flowering annuals and perennials, and even houseplants.

(It is important to understand that SoilGard provides

preventive control of disease. It is not a cure where

disease is established. Preventive measures are more

economical and more beneficial to plants than trying

to cure diseases once they take hold.)

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Once established in your

garden, SoilGard provides months of protection against

some of the most stubborn, destructive and widespread

disease that gardeners encounter, including fusarium

and pythium root rots, crown rot and basal rot.

Environmentally Beneficial

Gliocladium virens already exists naturally in

your soil and, unlike some fungicides, will not leach

chemicals into the groundwater. SoilGard works by concentrating

large quantities of Gliocladium virens to overwhelm

disease pathogens.

Mix SoilGard with soil-less planting mediums when starting

seeds indoors. When sowing seed outdoors, mix SoilGard

with the soil, preferably the day before sowing. Mix

with garden soil before transplanting young plants.

A quarter-pound is enough to protect 200 ft. of garden

row. Also useful when planting bulbs or rooting cuttings.

SoilGard Works 4 Ways!

SoilGard is a beneficial fungus that fights destructive

soil-borne fungi! It’s easy to use and requires only

one application for season-long control. When mixed

with soil, SoilGard control diseases four ways:

1) Parasitism. SoilGard wraps itself around a

disease pathogen and releases enzymes that weaken the

pathogen and leave it susceptible to attack.

2)Antibiosis. SoilGard produces antibiotics that

kill many soil pathogens. This process has been occurring

naturally in soils for eons. Application of SoilGard

simply concentrates the beneficial fungus around the

roots of garden crops and flowers, overwhelming and

killing disease pathogens.

3)Competition. SoilGard out-competes disease

pathogens for the nutrients these microbes need.

4)Exclusion. By concentrating above-normal levels

of this beneficial fungus around seeds, disease pathogens

are crowded out and can’t attack the roots of your plants.


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