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Bulls-EyeTM Bioinsecticide
Targets garden troublemakers

but leaves their natural enemies alone

Only from gardens alive!

Once in a great while, a new product comes along that

truly breaks the mold. Bulls-Eye Bioinsecticide is one

of those rare break-through products. A member of a

totally new class of pest control, naturally-derived

Bulls-Eye achieves results like nothing else now available

to organic gardeners:

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  • Controls

    a broad spectrum of insect pests. Bulls-Eye is

    highly effective against many types of leaf-eating

    caterpillars, as well as leafminers, thrips, Colorado

    potato beetles and even fire ants. Use it on garden

    crops, fruits, lawn grass and ornamentals.

  • Stops

    damage almost immediately. Bulls-Eye works faster

    than most other natural products, stopping damage

    of targeted insects in little more than an hour.

  • Allows

    beneficial insects to defend your garden. Bulls-Eye

    zeroes in on specific insect pests without affecting

    lady beetles, lacewings and other helpful garden bugs.

  • A

    little goes a long way. Because Bulls-Eye is so

    effective, just a small amount of the concentrate

    controls pests over a large area. Keeps at least two

    years on the shelf, too.


New Biological Control

Like Bacillus

thuringiensis (Bt), Bulls-Eye is a biological control

product–in other words, it’s derived from a living

organism. But while Bt is a killed or dormant bacterium,

Bulls-Eye is made by fermenting bacteria (in this case,

Saccharopolyspora spinosa). Scientists have found

that fermentation of this bacterium produces two metabolites

that are highly toxic to a wide range of insect pests.

Bulls-Eye contains both of these metabolites, making

it a particularly potent bioinsecticide–one that controls

many more pests that Bt does.




has a unique mode of action, too. When insect pests

eat, or simply come in contact with, plants sprayed

with Bulls-Eye, they stop feeding almost immediately.

Bulls-Eye attacks the insects’ nervous systems, causing

paralysis in about one hour. (Although pests may hang

around the plant for a day or so, they cause no more

damage.) Any new pests that arrive on the scene over

the next week or two will suffer the same fate! Meanwhile,

natural enemies–such as lady beetles, lacewings, minute

pirate bugs and big-eyed bugs–all remain to defend

your garden against pests not targeted by Bulls-Eye.


to Use

To use Bulls-Eye

Bioinsecticide, simply mix the liquid concentrate with

water at a rate of 2 ounces (or 4 tablespoons) per gallon

of water. Spray leaf surfaces uniformly, using a handheld

or backpack sprayer. Most crops can be harvested the

day after using Bulls-Eye. If insect problems reoccur,

reapply in 1-2 weeks. Bulls-Eye breaks down in sunlight

and does not persist in the soil.


will keep on the shelf for at least two years. If separation

occurs during long-term storage, mix the product thoroughly

before applying.


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