Turf Alive!

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Turf Alive!® III Brand Grass Seed
Grows slower, stays shorter!

Turf Alive III Brand grass

seed mixture needs less mowing because it grows slower

and stays shorter than other tall fescues. It needs much

less watering and weeding than bluegrass lawns! And it’s


Our two Turf Alive! Brand

lawn seed mixtures have so many advantages, we don’t

know why anyone would want to use any other kind!

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  • Resists

    drought! Roots each down 2-4 feet, drawing moisture

    from the subsoil long after shallow-rooted bluegrass

    has dried up and gone dormant. Stays lush green with

    little watering, even in summer heat.

  • Resists

    common lawn bugs! Microorganisms called endophytes

    live in certain varieties of grass seed, including

    Turf Alive! Brand. Scientists believe these endophytes

    produce alkaloids that are toxic to grass-eating insects,

    such as sod webworms, cutworms, aphis and even chinch


  • Eliminates

    thatch! The deep roots of Turf Alive! Brand grass

    resist the development of thatch, which fosters disease

    and harbors insects.

  • Chokes

    out weeds! The deep roots of Turf Alive! Brand

    grass support thicker and more vigorous top growth

    than bluegrass and crowd out weeds.

  • Stays

    out of flower beds! It doesn’t spread by root

    runners as bluegrass does, so it won’t invade gardens

    and flower beds.

  • Needs

    less nitrogen, saves money! With only 50% to 66%

    of the nitrogen needed by bluegrass, Turf Alive! Brand

    produces an attractive, lush green lawn. Your fertilizer

    goes further, and that saves you money!

Only from gardens alive!

Turf Alive! III Brand grass sprouts and establishes

itself fast. But once established, it grows slowly–so

you may need to mow it only half as often as our original

Turf Alive! Compared to our original mix, Turf Alive!

III stays nice and green much longer in summer than

bluegrass does.

The seed carries

beneficial endophytes, which are toxic to chinch bugs,

cutworms and other lawn pests. Turf Alive! III also

has superior resistance to leaf spot and brown patch.

It’s also highly tolerant of frost, winter freezes,

heat and drought. Grows very well in sun to medium shade

in temperate areas of the U.S. Seed new lawns and bare

spot at 6lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.


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