Important Facts About Hobby Greenhouses

It doesn’t matter if you’re investing in your first ever greenhouse, or if you’ve had one for many years, there are a selection of key facts that everyone should know when it comes to their greenhouse. A hobby greenhouse is a greenhouse used for gardening projects such as growing your own fruit and veg, your favourite selection of flowers and […]

Humidifying Your Greenhouse

Misting Guidelines Apply mist only during daylight hours to avoid excessive humidity at night, which encourages disease. Remember, when the greenhouse cools at night, the relative humidity will rise even with the misting system off. Use a 24-hour timer to shut off the misting system 2 hours before sundown. Cooling Shading and ventilation are required during summer to prevent a greenhouse […]

Climate Control for Healthier Plants

Greenhouse Growing Tips Ventilation Use a ventilation system to automatically protect your greenhouse plants from withering heat build-up. No need to daily open and close vents, trying to out-guess the weatherman! Let a thermostatically controlled system do all the work. The thermostat turns the system on at the temperature you select. The fan expels hot air and fresh, cool air […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Seed starting indoors is exciting and infectious, and you’ll soon find that your windowsills are crammed with little pots of seedlings and you have an overwhelming desire to study greenhouse designs. But a greenhouse is not necessary for a satisfactory experience in gardening, as long as you follow some practical considerations such as light and temperature requirements and space. A […]

Tips for Cleaning Your Greenhouse

Weekly, remove dead plant material from plants and soil. Watch for slugs and other pests on plants, in pots, under trays, in corners and beneath benches. Sterilize pots and flats with Physan 20 (#7620) before reusing them. At least once a year, take all your plants out of your greenhouse and thoroughly clean the greenhouse, benches, shelves and walkways. Spray […]

Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Great greenhouse tips and useful information to keep your greenhouse running efficiently. Garden Tips Charley’s Greenhouse Checklist Decision guideline to help plan your greenhouse Winterizing Your Greenhouse Calculating Heating Requirements Climate Guide Climate Control Tips Fluorescent Light Tips Lighting Tips Helpful Lighting Tips for Better Growing Results Cleaning Tips Starting Seed Tips Getting Seeds Started Indoors Mixing Your Own Soil […]

Construction Tips

Greenhouse Growing Tips Great greenhouse tips and useful information to keep your greenhouse running efficiently.   ::Construction Tips   ::Garden Tips   ::Articles Construction Tips – Page 2 BACK | MORE TIPS Reglazing With TwinWall or TripleWall Upgrade your greenhouse TwinWall is a significant improvement for a single-glazed greenhouse. Remove old glazing Cut TwinWall to size using a box knife or a very […]

Helpful Lighting Hints for Better Growing Results

  Light Intensities: A. For germinating seeds and rooting cuttings: 10 lamp watts per square foot of growing area. The light source should be 6″ to 8″ above the soil or planting media. Recent studies indicate that if seeds are exposed rather than being lightly covered, a high germination percentage is obtained. Another system that may be used is to […]

Tips on Transplanting – from indoors to outside

Transplant shock can set your young plants back considerably. To avoid this, pick a sunny afternoon to put your plants outside and gradually expose them to the cooler temperatures over a period of two weeks or so. Move them from your greenhouse to a cold frame, seed house, cloche, under a row cover, or to a protected outdoor area. Uncover […]

Greenhouse Lighting Tips

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″]   Great greenhouse tips and useful information to keep your greenhouse running efficiently. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights These are the same powerful lights used by professional greenhouse growers. HID lights are highly energy efficient. You can grow any plant, anywhere, anytime you choose. The “high intensity” light energy is effective much farther than fluorescent: 250 watt/3 ft., […]