Fragrant Rose Collection

Fragrant Roses Collection includes one each of the following varieties, all with beautiful old rose fragrances: Harlow Carr, Falstaff, Noble Antony and Gertrude Jekyll. The colors of the varieties in our new collection have a romantic pink/crimson theme and been designed to blend harmoniously with each other in the border. These varieties have been selected for their quality as well as the strength of their perfumes.

Harlow Carr has been described by David Austin as almost the ideal of English Rose gem-like beauty. This variety is exceptionally vigorous and healthy, producing masses of small but perfectly-formed rose-pink blooms, each with a strong old rose fragrance. This variety is named after the wonderful Royal Horticultural Society garden. Noble Antony has a glorious old rose perfume with an oaky character, like well-matured red wine. This rose has beautiful deep maroon stems and lasts well when cut and brought into the home, wonderfully scenting the room. Falstaff is one of our best crimsons with large blooms with a wonderful rich old rose scent. Both these roses are named after famous Shakespearean characters. Gertrude Jekyll has one of the most powerful and beautifully rounded old rose fragrances of all the English Roses, often described as the quintessential old rose fragrance: strong rich and perfectly balanced. It has lovely little scrolled buds which open into large, full, deep pink blooms. This rose is named after the passionate Victorian plantswoman who promoted the idea of growing shrub roses in mixed borders. Falstaff and Gertrude Jekyll can be trained as wonderfully fragrant short climbers, or if pruned harder they will make beautiful, floriferous shrubs.

These roses bought separately would normally cost $96.60 including shipping & handling, but we're offering the collection for $75 including S&H, saving $21.60.

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Price: $75.00 each


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