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Rose of Picardy (Ausfudge)
David Austin Recommended Variety

Category English Roses
  (English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Flower Type Single
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Light
Repeating Good

We are a little short of good single-flowered and semi-double roses, yet these can be some of the most beautiful of all roses. We are particularly pleased to introduce 'Rose of Picardy', which is a bright red single-flowered rose of exceptional daintiness. It forms an excellent bushy shrub. The flowers are about three inches across and have contrasting golden stamens. It blooms with exceptional freedom; making a display that can be seen across the garden.
The flowers are followed by numerous red hips, which have their own beauty. The gardener has a choice; either to leave them, or cut them off to encourage a greater crop of roses later in the season.
There is a light, fruity fragrance.
4 ft. x 3 ft. 1.0m x 0.75m.

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Price: $22.95 each

or 3 for $58.50


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All photographs Copyright © David Austin Roses Limited - Data provided with written permission.

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