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The Ingenious Mr Fairchild (Ausijus)
David Austin Recommended Variety

Category English Roses
  (English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Fruity fragrance
Repeating Good

We are always keen to develop large, peony-like roses with
good shrubby growth. 'Golden Celebration' and 'Brother Cadfael' are good
examples of such roses - and this is another.
The flowers of 'The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild' are in the form of deep
cups filled with crisp, upstanding petals. The colour on the inside of the
petals is a deep pink touched with lilac; the outside is of a paler shade.
Looking at the bloom in more detail, one can see that the edges are an even
deeper pink; giving a most delightful fringed effect - particularly in the
earlier stages.
The growth is ideal with spreading, arching branches building up into a
well-rounded, mounding shrub; with its flowers nicely poised. It is very
healthy. It has a strong and deliciously fruity rose fragrance, with aspects
of raspberry, peach and a hint of mint. All in all, a very beautiful rose
and one of our favourites.
Named after Thomas Fairchild, a nurseryman of London and Fellow of the
Royal Society, who made the first recorded flower hybrid in Europe in 1720.
This was a cross between a Sweet William and a carnation, which became known
as 'Fairchild's mule'. With thanks to Michael Leapman for the name, which
was the title of his excellent biography on Thomas Fairchild. 4 ft. x 3.5 ft.

5 ft. X 3.5 U.S.

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Price: $21.95 each

or 3 for $55.50


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All photographs Copyright © David Austin Roses Limited - Data provided with written permission.

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